Can 'Part's be crossfaded? if not, why?


If this can’t be done it would be useful, because you might make a part just to loop it, but you’d want to crossfade when you’re ready to commit to make smooth transition from one events part to the next.

How can a cross fade happen if the parts do not overlap?

they could couldn’t they if the audio inside internally extended past the parts external length?

or if you made your parts slightly longer than needed, and then trimmed them back to quantize on grid

Also, you can crossfade even if events don’t overlap, when you hit crossfade in this instance, it pulls the events together and over eachother to a default setting

Sorry just dont get it If my loops loop properly then they join just fine, never needed a cross fade. You may be onto something but ive never needed it in the last 40 years.


The answer is “no”. But, I can’t answer your question about why.

You can cross fade two events, assuming their underlying clips overlap, but as soon as you convert those events to parts, you suddenly cannot cross fade them. Maybe there’s a good reason for this, but even after using Cubase for years, I do not know why it works like that. Maybe somebody can enlighten us both :slight_smile:.

If you “bounce in place” the part/loop you created, you can now crossfade it.

Well, sure. All that does is convert it to an event. It would be simpler to just do a dissolve part. But that doesn’t answer the question this thread is asking: why can’t you cross fade a part?

Not if the part is fairly complicated with cuts of audio. If you don’t want to bounce/render the part yet, and it contains a complex edit of bits and you have lots of parts like this, dissolving each one would be annoying - and a step backwards.

So why not allow parts to be able to crossfade the amplitude of what they contain, it seems like it would be a simple feature to include thus I’m curious if there is a logic as to why it’s not this way.

It’s a word around, not a solution. Cubase is the only DAW with the clip editor that I know of so I don’t think what you want to do is possible in any DAW.

You can add a feature request to the feature request section of the forum if you like.

I don’t know what you’re trying to do exactly. I would think if they were different elements, they would be on different tracks and could be faded using automation. If you want to make a loop, you just slice the audio that you want to cross fade into and place it at the start of the clip and if you still get clicks just do a very small fade in and fade out on the audio in clip start and end and it will loop perfectly and still all be inside the clip editor. This is what I do.

Or you can look into sample VSTis like Geist, Maschine, MPC.

If that doesn’t work for you, I’d suggest placing a feature request but if not a lot of people want it, the chance of them implementing it is small and you may want to look at alternative workflows.