Can playerlist be shown as a horizontal list

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to get the oplayerlist to print as a horizontal rather than the default vertical list? I fin d that for an A3 landscape score format it occupies a lot of “real estate”. I realise this is probably not best practice for engraving but was wondering if it is possible? Thanks.

Hi @Jon_Magill an welcome to the Forum!

I don’t think that there is such a function (player list horizontal) but you can have two text frames in a custom page template (called “title”, that you then assign to the first page or so), one set to Top, and other set to Bottom, and adjust their lower edge directly in the layout, so that the first has more or less the half of the players and the seconds begins from the next player till the end, so you see the instruments in two columns.

I send the link to the Manual for assigning Page Template change, an example Dorico file with these settings for the Dorico Template Modern orchestra done, two explicatory pictures :

players list divided in two.dorico (3.7 MB)

Thanks @Christian_R, that is a practical solution and definitely solves my problem.

@Jon_Magill You are welcome.
Furthermore, if you want to avoid the page override (the little red triangle), once you find the correct shrinking of the two frames dragging their ends directly in the layout (to have the instruments displayed as desired), you can select the first frame, take a note of the values, and repeat for the second frame (1), and then write all these values directly in the values of your page template frames (2), and then with right click on the little page icon, remove the page override (3). So you have exactly the same result, and you don’t have the red triangle/override :slight_smile: