Can Sampler Track be set to always open in a Window instead of Lower Zone?

I was hoping to find a preference like for MIDI Editors which will open the Sampler in its own Window instead of the Lower Zone but didn’t find one. Anyone know a way to do this?

Hi,maybe a (global) WorkSpace???

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Interesting idea. While I use Workspaces a lot, I normally don’t include Editors in the layouts, because I like to open and locate them in a more ad hoc manner. I’ll have to check this out.

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I’m somehow sure this is not what you’re looking for, but it may be of help:

Yeah, but it’s probably the best workaround


Where are you finding that? I’m not seeing it at all.

Sidebar - first time using new KC search in Cubase. So much better.

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Oh, it’s just a macro I’ve created for answering here by adding the commands “Edit VST Instrument” and “Open in separate Window/Lower Zone” to it.

That is so close, but it leaves the Lower Zone in the Project Window open. I tried adding a command to the Macro to close the Lower Zone. But it doesn’t work because the focus is on the Sampler Window & not the Project Window. I can’t seem to find a way to change the focus back to the Project Window.


Found the command to change the focus


Sure, but does it eventually work? On a single monitor here, the sampler track gets minimised :slight_smile:

Interesting. Worked fine on multiple monitors here, but it doesn’t seem like the number of monitors should matter one way or the other.

Maybe the Macro needs a delay after bringing the Project to the front.

Tried that already, nope.
I think that it should be just added as the other editors, maybe it’s just a miss :slight_smile:

Very much agree.

Here’s what it’s doing on my system. The Lower Zone barely blinks open.

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Is that really even the lower zone blinking or just a default position and size of the separate window before it moves to the permanent position and size?

No, it is the Lower Zone, although it is hard to see it clearly in the video. But it’s very clear viewed live. Looking at again it does also show what you are seeing too, the Lower Zone is just before that, might be just a single frame.

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