Can/should I delete all traces of HalionOne?

Aloha guys,

I am not using C5 anymore so I don’t plan to use HAO.
So I thought why not get rid of all traces of HAO on my 'puter.

It it possible/advisable/ and how?

Any info would be great.


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Maybe you could uninstall both versions (which I did before installing the trial) and then install C6, unless there are specific files which you are concerned about that might be lost but I don’t recall any presets being lost in this process as the uninstaller does not delete them unless you use some kind of cleanup tool.

One question: Why?

Aloha d,

I have many many songs (tracks) that I use live on stage with C6.

Quite a few of these songs use HAO and now that I have moved to
Lion (with no Rosetta) I am going thru them and replacing HAO songs
with HASE. (no big deal; just time consuming)

So to avoid any possible probs (in case I miss something) I considered
removing all traces of HAO. (I still get some songs asking for it)

These types of lil probs are no big deal in the studio but on
stages, any delay is not good.

Just wondering how to go about this.

Mahalo for your help guys.