Can somebody remind me how to manually turn off "multi-bar rests" for select bars?

I know there’s “split multi-bar rest” but I’d like to see all of the individual bars. Or…would also be useful to have it off and then be able to selectively turn it ON for select bars (can’t figure out how to do this). Thanks!

It’s either on or off for each layout.

If you can say more about why you want this, maybe one of us can give a more helpful answer.

You can add an explicit barline or a text item with a blank space.

Write > Create Numbered Bar Region will break the MR and number the bars.
If you’re not using Chord symbols (or don’t mind them showing) , Write > Create Chord Symbol Region will also break them.

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Thanks and you are correct that there are definitely workarounds. I hope that they can add this as a feature though. I basically had two 16 bar sections. The first one I wanted a multirest; the second one I wanted blank bars so I could insert various things without having to first resort to work arounds…

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Depending on exactly what you want, and if you are using small slashes in the same project, you might be able to use the “blank notation” workaround. Modify the “Small Slash Noteheads” notehead set so the small slash is blank. (Just delete the glyph or change it to a space.) Apply a slash region, then click the Small slashes checkbox in Properties. The resulting region will just be blank.

Doing a bit more digging, with the Numbered Bar Region trick, you can disable the display of the labeling in Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests: Show bar count in numbered bar regions.

Thanks - all very helpful (I also ended up just inserting some temporary dynamics, which also “broke” the multi-bar). However, this seems ripe for an actual feature since this all seems a bit unnecessarily like a workaround (similarly to cough - lack of ability to do left-leaning laissez-faire ties - cough :-))…

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