Can someone help me with this?

I am noticing some of my projects have the below error in the screen shot where you see the transport panel(the blue line with the red at the top)…The project can start playing but not too far into the song all the audio tracks quit playing and only the midi files will play. All the tracks will cut in and cut out but what this always happens when that second line is high with the red tip in the transport panel. Is there something that I can do to keep this from happening. I convert my midi files to audio and deactivate them and it seems somehow something happens to my audio files in some projects or something. Please help!

I have just converted to a macbook pro but it was doing this on my PC as well.

Macbook pro
OS X 10.6.8
2 GHz Intel Core i7
8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Screen shot 2011-08-13 at 9.37.38 PM.png

The right meter displays disk activity. Apparently your hard drive cannot keep up with the projects. Are you using many samples? From how many harddrives and how fast are they?

I am only using the one hard drive. Its a portable plug n play seagate drive(640gb)What do you mean by samples? I use midi but I deactivate after I transfer to audio. I recorded all these projects using my PC. So when I hooked the drive to the mac it still did the same thing and I know that the mac I have is way more powerful than the PC. I shouldn’t still have that problem if I’m on a better system should I?

I believe its 5400 RPM

It looks like your problem as stated above is your hard-drive, It’s not capable of streaming all the audio.

The 5400 rpm you quoted is slow and as the disk performance meter is indicating a bottle neck and you are experiencing dropout it all suggests poor hard-drive performance.

Regardless of how powerful your computer is, if you have a slow HD and try to stream a fair few audio tracks… well you can see the problem.

Get a better hard-drive.

Or try copying the project onto the mac’s internal drive.

Thank you for your help!!! I also have a western digital 1TB 7200 RPM the one you plugged in the wall…is that a good one?

If thats not a good one…can you tell me which one would be.

Should be fine.

Sounds fine, worth a try!

Thanks for the help!