Can someone please help me with MIDI velocity?

Hi there.
I compose in Finale, and export the MIDI file into Cubase. I don’t enter notes with the keyboard, but I “write” in Finale. My question is: Is there a way by which I can use the mod wheel on my MOX6 to alter the velocity as it is being played by Cubase? In other words, the notes are already in the Cubase project, but is there a way to change the velocity “real time” as the cursor moves along, or do I have to stop the playback, and manually change the velocity for each note in the note editor?
Thanks beforehand.
P.S. I’m not too swift when it comes to these things, so any help I can get is greatly appreciated.

Not really.

When you say “note editor” (which doesn’t exist in Cubase) it’s not clear if you mean the Score Editor or the Keyboard Editor. A lot of notation oriented folks tend to ignore the Key Ed because it is out of their comfort zone. If this perhaps is you, I’d encourage exploring it. Some tasks like changing velocity are easiest to do in the Key Ed.

I’m not sure when this feature was introduced, but I think C8 has it. If you select Multiple Notes in the Key Ed there are controls that let you do things like tilt all the velocity values to easily create crescendos or to scale the values relative to each other - worth reading up on as they do a lot. And don’t ignore the Line Tool’s variants that can draw parabolas, saws, sines, etc

Also the Logical Editor can be useful. When I’m at my DAW I’ll post one showing how to put accents on specific beats.

Here is a Logical Editor preset that increases the Velocity on beats 1 & 3 by 15. It is setup as a small range around the beat so it will work on notes that a near the beat too. I have anther similar that accents beats 2 & 4 by 8. Use a Macro to run them both, assign to a Key Command and you have instant 4/4 accents. You can easily build other accent patterns in a similar manner and have a library of them.

When I went to snag the pic I realized I had this zip with both of those presets plus another to randomize the velocity plus or minus 4
Accent (1.73 KB)

Thanks for your reply. I know that I can change the velocity, but I wonder if I can do it “on the fly” using a mod wheel after the notes are in the program, in real time?

The “not really” in my initial response is still in effect.