can someone please remind me of the setting to automatically make a half note held to a quarter notated properly?

I want this to appear as a single, dotted half note instead of as a half tied to a quarter (in a 4/4 bar):

I presumed this was the setting (in Notation Options), but it doesn’t seem to work (even after making sure the appropriate flow was selected):

Can anyone kindly point me in the right direction? Much thanks in advance!

  • D.D.

Notation Options — Note groupings. Third box.

That’s what I thought but it’s not working. What was the command to re-set any latent notation settings that might have been imported when I first loaded in the MusicXML file? (Reset Appearance or Reset Position?)

  • D.D.

Must be, because it works as expected for me!

Strange - I selected all and Reset Appearance/Position, etc. and I’ve definitely made that selection in Notation Options you suggested (that I’d already discovered, etc.) - but it refuses to change from a half note tied to a quarter (in a 4/4 bar) into a dotted half note (though I supposed I could use Force Duration)…Not sure what’s going on…

  • D.D.

XML can be so unpredictable… generally worth the hassle, but often a hassle nonetheless.

Dear robjohn,
When I get in trouble with this kind of notation, there’s a trick that proved useful and fast. Select the faulty notrs, lengthen by grid once and shorten by grid once (cmd-alt-R and L) and the notes might well get rewritten properly :wink:

Thanks - let me try that!