Can someone teach me how to create the famous log drum sound using Fm LAb?

Upgraded to Halion 7 because of the FM synth feature, i do alot of afrobeat and amapiano a sub genre of african deep house .The famous log drum from Fruity’s DX10 and MDA DX10 are very prominent in this genre. I have no sound design skills and would be glad if anyone can design the log drum sound in Fm Lab and send me the file. Thank you

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Hi, love amapiano and all music from Afrika.
DX 10 is a 3 operator synth with fixed algorithm. One carrier, two modulators.

Log drum can be built like this (not fine tuned, just a quick sound design):

This preset should get you started:
pb_log_drum.vstpreset (21.5 KB)

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@theophilusa I just realized the volume of my preset is a bit low. You need to raise that.

Thank you very much.

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