Can someone verify a Chorder problem I'm seeing

I’m trying to assign unique chords across the entire midi note range (don’t ask :wink: ) using the Chorder plug-in. But I’m unable to assign a chord to the lowest midi note, C-2. I have Chorder stretched so I can see the entire keyboard. Starting with an empty patch with Chords=All Keys, Playstyle=simultaneous, and Layers=Single Mode.

The plug behaves normal for any note except C-2. For example if I click on the E-2 key in the display, then click Learn and play a chord on my midi keyboard - that chord gets assigned to the E-2 key. But when I try to do the same thing for the C-2 key, the chord gets assigned to some other note that is not C-2. There are two specific cases

    1. If I’ve just opened a clean instance of Chorder the chord will be assigned to Middle-C instead of C-2
  1. If I’ve clicked and selected any notes on the Chorder keyboard, then the chord is assigned to the last selected note. So if the last note selected is D-1, then the chord is assigned to D-1 instead of C-2 even though I’ve selected C-2 in learn mode. FYI, selecting C-2 both before and after entering learn mode doesn’t work, it just assigns the chord to the note selected just before the C-2.