Can someone walk me through the new Tap Tempo?

Perhaps I’m having a senior moment but… In the past, I’d open the little Beat Calculator window, then tap my space bar in time with the music.

With C13, I click the Tap Tempo button in the Transport Bar, then start tapping the space bar and… The project stops and starts and stops and starts… Maybe because my space bar is linked to the Start/Stop keycommand? Not sure.

But in the past, when in the Beat Calcultor window, the space bar was the ‘tapper’. And now, I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work.

What am I missing?

You might want to check in the Key commands dialog window what is assigned to Shift+Space.

Holding Shift and pressing Space is the new method of beat detection.

I have a short section on how I would use the tap tempo function here:

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I covered this in my official livestream last night.

It’s on Nuendo but works the same in Cubase.

It’s towards the end of the stream.

Can’t post timing yet as I have to edit off the 10 minute waiting intro later on.


Thanks. This was useful.


Oh FFS. I mis-interpreted the description. I thought the ‘tap tempo’ keycommand was to activate the function–as in previous versions. I assumed then one used a -separate- key (space bar) for the actual ‘tapping’. The fact that you used such an arcane keycommand is what gave me a clue. :smiley:

That said, a small bit of unasked for advice. There’s this (relatively) new thing in Youtube where it will create automatic chapters basic on ‘topics’ it senses. Might be useful for long viddies such as yours.


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After the stream is finished, I always edit out the intro and outro and then cut out some other useless bits. This cannot be done until about 12-24 hours after the stream has finished. Once the edits are made it takes about a day for YT to process. (in fact, it is processing now as I have just finished the edits).

Then I like to do the chapters manually. (I already have a list of them ready to go).

YouTube’s auto chapters are always switched on anyway, but they are unreliable, and take time to appear, and it is much faster and more accurate/detailed to do it myself.

I know right. lol. I have so many key commands that were set up just for demos. I was going to change this for the video, and I thought no, it is actually quite amusing.


Oh, and funnily enough one of today’s tasks is to edit the tap tempo thing (locally) into a short standalone video.

And done, (and also the stream chapters are done too, YouTube’s servers must be quiet over the holidays).


Don’t mistake this for ingratitude… but the fact that this function requires a video, seems a failure of UI design. There seems to be something -cultural- @ SB that can’t bring itself to make functions work consistently and intuitively. And I probably wrote that same sentence 20 years ago. Which means you’ll have a Youtube channel forehhhhverrr. :smiley:


It’s OK, I didn’t make the video just for you. :joy: It was coincidental that it was part of my stream last night. I added as an afterthought really, as I felt it might be useful to have out there.


Btw. The call for a specific key command to “tap” was a much requested thing.

Anyway, good to see you still here after all these years. :saluting_face: