Can Spectralayers 8 or 9 Pro be used as an extension in Cubase 12? [SOLVED: Of course they can]

If the operation is possible, can someone point me to the instructions on how to do it?

I have 8 Pro activated and working as a standalone, but in Cubase only SL One is available as an extension.

EDIT: Can’t confirm yet, but the root cause might be missing 9 Pro activation. For some reason asknet didn’t send me the code, just the invoice (?!!). However, I already went ahead and installed 9 so now the extension points to it. I assume when the program isn’t activated, the extension defaults to One.

You have to activate your Pro license in the Steinberg Activation Manager.


Yeah, I thought that was the issue too.

But unfortunately, no.

(After a specific request to do so(?!)) Asknet support sent me the dl access code after which I was able to upgrade the 8 Pro license and, I think, it now shows correctly on the elicenser (screenshot below).


Selecting the extension defaults to One as does the standalone. Which step am I missing?

Can you screenshot your Steinberg Activation Manager ?

Start the Steinberg Activation Manager program on your computer and press Activate next to SpectraLayers 9 Pro.

Unfortunately, Steinberg Activation Manager does not auto-activate a SpectraLayers Pro or SpecrtaLayers Elements licence if a Cubase 12 or Nuendo 12 licence is active (which enables SpectraLayers One functionality). Manually activating the licence is all that is needed.


Thanks so much, this was exactly it: SL9 Pro needed a manual activation using the activation manager.