Can Steinberg do something inspiring like this?Worth a look

IMO this would hugely increase the power of Cubase

Vienna Symphonic Library have introduced something call the “APP sequencer” - nothing to do with apps.

There is a video on their site:

If the link does not work then please hunt the APP Sequencer overview - its well worth it.

We need a ideas library! We get libraries for everything else (ways to save presets) but not actual melodies and harmnies - why?

Its a kind of ideas library but totally integrated into a key editor. Of course it can be used for any harmonies or instruments. It would be absolutely ideal for emulating guitar chords for example (which often have counter intuitive voicings) Its also as editable as anything in the key editor without having to learn anything new.

I just love the way you get a library on the LHS of the key editor.

This is an ENORMOUSLY powerful idea and would integrate fantastically with the full power of Cubase and with note expression and maps. Various transpose options (e.g. invert, transpose to minor) coudl also helps greatly.

Of course Cubase could make this available for any instrument or library, rather than confining it.

Maybe its possible ot provide a MIDI VST with this form of key editor?

With something like this Steinberg could leap over the oppposition and become the sequencer of choice for composers.

Plese integrate somethng like thi into C7.

I can’t find anything on that website, using search brings you to your basket no matter what you search for :confused:

Same here.

Luck, Arjan

Sorry guys but it works here, theis is what I suggest you do. Go to VSL using the link go to products/ then software (the picture link) then Vienna Pro (blue) then from the list on the LHS select ‘videos’, then select

“APP Sequencer – Overview”

I hope you can do this its worth a look. There is nothing on Utube or the web I can track down.


Ah, finally got it. The map just doesn’t work, but the dropdown for ‘region’ does. But maybe this link works:

Anyway, it looks extremely powerful indeed. But is Vienna a standalone program, or can it be integrated as a VSTi?

Luck, Arjan

A technology like this needs to be liberated ofr all programs to use

Thanks for the link Arjan, that worked :slight_smile:.
Yeah looks good, funny how they borrowed some ideas from Steinberg for their UI :slight_smile:

The irony is that Steinberg actually had something like this back in VST5/32 days… and then removed the phrase tool set (what it really boils down to)

I remember posting on the forum back then that Steinberg should develop a Karma-like tool from Korg (or rather Stephen Kay) as a great evolution of the phrase idea… aah well :frowning:

Btw the Motif phrasing within Halion Sonic attempts similar quick ideas for inspiration and what not :bulb:

^^ hehe, yeah I remember that C.Lyde - was quite good for its time

I think the idea of a customised key editor is close to genius, it means a zilch learning curve for users yet VSL dont have to worry about integrating with Logic, Cubase, Sonar etc as they own it all.

We get mixer views why not key editor views? Why not a storage area for current ideas/phrases themes etc,; follow chord sequences, all customisable to input in any key or scale (major minor) or invertable etc. All savable in Media bay.

Why cant Media Bay save an idea? A musical Idea?

Lets not think about VST32 plugins why not the future?

Come on Steinberg get your thinking caps on!

Hi ZeroZero
have you considered … there’s an entry path so you can work your way up to the expensive synfire … which has an interesting beta current with some features that might percolate down to HN2 at some time. I’m just exploring HN2 now … the videos are very helpful. Possibly a little grander than what you had in mind.

btw … I enjoy your posts … you add value and I learn.



There is a similar but much more well known product called Band in a Box - uses live musicans and has a huge library of songs. This is not what we are talking of here though.


I remember reading this post and then found and downloaded this program this morning. It’s called MIDIBits.

The guy’s giving it away free now. It adds this exact functionality to Kontakt 4 or 5 if you have either of those. He’s even includes some multis for some bigger libraries. I tried. It works great.

Here’s a link to where I saw it.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Brian I am checking this out. Unfortunately it appears only to work with Kotakt instruments.