Can’t audition sounds in the media bay


I’m using Cubase 12 and trying to audition wav files in the media bay before importing but I can’t hear them, My control room is turned off.

Could anyone shed a light?


Just to clarify.
Do you mean off or disabled?

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Hi, yep I turned it off (and wrongly thought that this would disable it). If i understand it well, the path to disable the control room is :

  1. Click on: Studio → Audio Connections: …
  2. Click on the “Control Room” tab: …
  3. Click on the “Enable/Disable Control Room” button all the way to the left of the screen: …
  4. Click on Add Channel → Add Monitor: …
  5. From this list we will leave all the parameters default and press OK

If that’s the correct path, I’m stuck at point 3 (can’t see the “Enable/Disable Control Room”).

Does this get you over the line? :crossed_fingers:
Also I just delete all the audio connections in CR if I’m not using it in studio*

Course it does! (how very dumb of me, gotta sleep more :joy:

Thanks for your help.