Can’t clip gain adjust muted events

I’m not when this happened, but I cannot adjust clip gain on muted events. This is less than ideal. Is there a reason why people would want this limitation? If not, let’s reinstate the ability to adjust clip gain of muted events. (You know, in case we un mute them!)

Check to see if your Prefs are set to “treat muted objects same as deleted”.

Good point I remember seeing that in Preferences. Will check in the morning. Thanks!


Seriously, has that pref always worked like that?
I have been annoyed by this for YEARS, and I have been using Nuendo for 10+ years now.
I have just assumed that not being able to change level was a Steinberg mystery, so I have never even bothered to ask anyone about it.
I do feel a bit stupid now.

It never occoured to me that this pref could be related…

You live, and occasionally you learn.

Thanks for the tip!

Happy I could help!

Unfortunately if you have overlapped events then the “treat muted objects like deleted” is necessary to ensure playback is as you expect. If you never have overlapped events then not a problem.

Also, it doesn’t seem to change anything here. I still can’t clip gain adjust muted events after deselecting the preference “treat muted events as deleted”…