Can´t copy / paste

All of a sudden I cannot copy anything into my 2nd violins, there is nothing going on that I can see, and it works on previous bars, see screencast:

Does it work if you double-click to invoke the caret before pasting? Does it work if you alt-click rather than Cmd-C Cmd-V?

No, those methods aren´t working either…

What about if you select the (supposedly) empty bars in the violin and hit delete, before pasting? Otherwise it’s probably a case of posting a cutdown version of the file (or emailing to the development team if there are copyright/privacy concerns).

No, still nothing. Ok, thanks. Will send it in…!

I mean that bar looks like it already has a rest in it but what happens if you put the caret there and type Shift-B rest Enter. Then can you paste? The other possibility is that something’s going awry with the hairpin just before - try deleting it and reinputting. What you’re experiencing certainly isn’t common behaviour, so really difficult to diagnose from a video.

So, I think I have found the culprit, when I switched on flagposts, I found a flag with “-1 staff”.

  • what is it, and what happens if I delete it? There are no divisi in this section.

Skjermbilde 2021-02-10 kl. 10.56.32

You’d need to look at it in page view to see what effect it has, but it’s a signpost created by choosing Edit > Staff > Remove Staff.