Can’t drag midi file into projects


Would you be willing to share the MIDI file, please?

How can I share it? By picture or?

Maybe your project folder is read-only or something ?

EDIT : You seem to have faulty MIDI files (how is that even possible :astonished: )
You can upload MIDI files by dragging them in where you type your text.

At this point I am not convinced that you actually try to import MIDI files. Can you make a screenshot of the folder containing these files? Try to have the file extension displayed.

I try, but i event cant copy them to this text :joy:

The files you show us seem to be in an archive (because of the compression column).
Please unpack the archive first. Files must be extracted for drag and drop to work.

Using Windows Media Player to preview the files worked because the files you double clicked on are decompressed automatically.


Problem solved, I thought unpacked them, but they were pack. Have to look better next time.
Thanks for all your advices!