Can’t find this feature, need help!

So in screenshots and videos of people’s Cubase project, I’ve seen this bar that shows an entire overview of the track that’s opened, it’s always located right below the info bar, and right above the actual arrangement view, Ableton has the exact same feature at the top of their arrangement view as well. I really like this feature and think it’s really useful, but I’ve found no way to bring up the bar and I’ve looked up tons of different things and have had no luck in finding out even the name of the feature, and it’s been very frustrating. If anyone knows what I’m talking about please let me know what it’s called and how I can get it into my projects.

Do you mean the overview line?

On the top right corner, left of the small cogwheel, there should be a few buttons to show/hide left/right/lower zone. Click the small “arrow” button right of those 3 zone controls. That will open up an option box where you can enable overview line.

Yes that’s it!! Thanks a lot! I was looking up stuff like “track overview” and “arrangement overview” but nothing came up, but that’s it.