Can´t get sound from the projects

Prior today I was working with Cubase. Saved my project, closed it, closed Cubase, shut down the computer. When I went back to work, I couldn´t get any signal from my project, no midi, no audio, just the transport bar seem to be working. Also the information line on top of the project zone was disappiared. To my surprise this happens with ALL my projects.

What has happened, and how should I solve it?

Thx in adv


Try to click the “Deactivate All Mute State” button, please.

Thank you. Talked to support, had to reinstall my drivers and was fixed.

In general since i bought my copy of cubase, it runs weird, however the trial was smooth. For instance now i"ve lost the sound of my clapperboard. I know now the clapperboard dialogue by memorie, but no combination seems to work. I have to work giving it a meassure more, then cut that meassure when done

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