Can’t get the UR22C to work on my new iPd Pro (4th generation)

Bought the Steinberg U22C interface for my new iPad Pro (4th Generation: 14.2) because it said on the box it works on IOS and with GarageBand.

I’ve connected USB-c from the U22C direct to the USB-c on IPad Pro. The U22C powered up fine and was recognized by Cubase but …

GarageBand - nothing, not recognized, zilch

Cubasis - very weak signal, difficult to monitor in headphones (quiet even on full volume,) could not hear playback in headphones. Had to unplug the UR22C to hear what I’d recorded.

I read that the iPad Pro could power the device (so no need for a power cable) but I’ve got two brand new pieces of kit sat here that just ain’t getting it on.

It’s incredibly frustrating, any advice would be much appreciated.

Ive just tried both my UR2C’s with my 2020 iPad Pro and both work perfectly with Cubasis, GB and YouTube playback (and everything else).
I have 5 USB-C cables, but two are very flakey and i sometimes have to rotate the plugs to get them to work. Might be worth checking in to this?
I’m assuming you had the Mix knob set to DAW, otherwise output will be very low or non existent.