Can´t grab the scroll bar on the frequency axis

When I try to grab the scroll bar on the frequency axis by hovering the mouse over it, it is visible for about 1 second and then disappears again. So I´m not able to grab move or scale with the scroll bar. The problem doesn´t exist with V7.
I´m on Windows 10 (SL8 in standalone mode).

Same as [SL8] Can't grab the verical zoom handles - #6 by HowlingUlf . It’ll be fixed with the next patch.

Sorry for the double post. I didn´t see his thread and I still can´t see it except when I click on your link. That´s why I really don´t like the new forum format. Could you please give me the correct link to the main thread where the post from HowlingUlf is? Thanks.

Yeah I’m not a big fan of that modern dynamic forum as well, to be honest :smiley:
Here’s the link to all SpectraLayers topics: SpectraLayers - Steinberg Forums