Can’t reactivate Cubase 11 Elements (Need new code) For forum moderator!

Hi there,
My SSD failed on my old laptop which only runs Cubase. I have fitted a new 1 TB drive and reinstalled Win 10 and downloaded all the products I have licences for. When I put in the original activation code it is not recognising it. Can the forum moderator please assist me with this.
Thankyou :grinning:

If you have registered the license, it should appear in your MySteinberg account and you can request a new activation code as explained here:

Thanks Martin for the prompt reply.
I will follow the instructions in the link you sent. :+1:

I did get the licenses activated but it’s a bit of a messy setup. I’m sure the process could be simplified. Thanks Martin!

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You’re welcome. Glad to hear, you got Cubase working again.
The recent versions use the new Steinberg licensing system and no longer rely on the eLicenser stuff. It’s now much easier to move the activations around to different machines. You’re even allowed to activate the software on three different computers at the same time.

That’s good to hear. Simple is best! :+1: