Can´t reactivate Cubase

I have a problem, I needed to reinstall my computer, then I lost the Cubase and needed to reinstall it, but when I want to reactivate it, it still says that there is no elincenser activate, but I already activated it on " My Steinberg " I did maintence and everything I can, but it still says the same problem and when I tried to request code it still sends me the same code that doesn´t work for me. I know that this is for security but I found it rather problematic because it doesn´t work for me, I need to test my new microfone, but I can´t set it properly, and can´t reactivate the license. Also I need to know how to set up my mic that it would be heard on stereo not mono, is it even possible on Steiberg UR12 interface. There is print screen to the message that is saying that there is no elicenser connected: . Thanks, with regards, Lucas.

have you reinstalled the eLicenser Control Center back on your system? you need to put your activation code in there Cubase looks for that at start up I believe, well I’ve learnt over the past couple of days.

I’m pretty new to this so I could be completely wrong and you may have it already installed… but hope this helps