Can,t reconnect input after cubase 8 crash

Hi support team,

Life is good and making music with my new cubase 8 all is good till this happens :imp: .

Loading a instrument on my instrument track and o no cubase crashes.

At this time i had a mono audio track ready for audio recording.

In the proces of doing this i selected the audio track that i wanted to record on and pushed the input asaign button on my MR816X.

The licht of this button lights up an input 8 is assigned to the audio track.

OK cubase 8 crashed.

I startup cubase and then the project i was working on (logic).

I selected the audio track that i whant to record audio on and push the assign button on my MR816X.

At this moment the button doesn’t licht up and the input doesn’t work anymore.

This means that i can,t record audio thru the MR816X.

The other assign botton don,t work anymore to.

In this situation i have to restart my computer to get this working again.

This is not the first time that this happened.

This was also the case with previous cubase versions, bud now that cubase 8 is crashing all the time it gets very annoying.


Operating system: OSX 10.10.1
Cubase version: 8.0
MR816X drivers: firewire 1.7.3, tools 1.7.6
Computer hardware: 12gb, i7 2.8Ghz

Best wishes in the new year,


Yes. I’ve been dealing with this too. When Cubase crashes it leaves the Hardware hanging, requiring a full system restart. Try to start up the MR Editor and it says it’s already in use. Restart Cubase and the Hardware Setup is gone (though still functioning without any way to access it). Log out and back in, it’s still hanging unusably. I’m on osx and have looked repeatedly in Activity Monitor to find a process to quit. Nothing kills an inspirational moment like having to restart the system. There should be some way to reset the MR.

Thanks for the support, i hope steinberg takes this sirius and does something to fix this problem.

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Hold the PAD button and press the rotary 1 knob. While holding those buttons, turn the device on.
  3. When the lights flash the reset is complete.

OR as others have done

  1. Turn of the device
  2. While keeping the pad button and rotary knob 1 pressed, turn on the device
  3. Wait for the LEDs stops flashing and 3 LEDs light up around the rotary knobs
  4. Still holding the pad button and rotary knob 1 pressed, press the rotary knob 2 and wait the the LEDs stop flashing.

Hi shanabit,

Did a hardware reset of my mr816.
Starting cubase 8 with a empty project making a drum loop with GA 4 SE cubase crashes after 5 min.
Started cubase again trying to assign a input with the mr816 with NO result.

This really needs to be fixed steinberg :imp: .

Best regards,


You could try moving your Cubase preference file to your desktop and let Cubase build new preferences when you launch it, just a shot. Sounds like C8 is still real buggy to me. I think a driver update will be needed for the MR

not working

Just turn off the 816 and on again, then start Cubase and you are good to go.

Thanks for the reply, bud this is not working.

I think a driver update will be needed for the MR

That’s what it seems like to me too. It’s not the unit itself, it’s that the driver is acting like the crashed Cubase is still running, so it’s not available when we restart Cubase. There should be a way to reset the driver instead of the whole system by shutting the computer down and restarting.

No that’s not unusual, if a crash occur the driver does not get released and can usually be remedied by cycling the power. If that does not help just reboot the computer. It’s the same with my Motu 828, TC konnect and MR816x

Well, I’m guessing that solves it then.