Can’t save/export Dorico project

Hello, I am using the most updated version of Dorico on iPad (5.1.40).
After having done some (late night) work on it, I try to save (export) as Dorico project, but I get the error message “Operation not permitted”. It seems, the work is lost - not good. I managed to export as .xml file, but I don’t know, how much actually is retained in that file. I would have to completely re proof read the project.

I have to add, the file I am working on is called
“Scarlatti (Avison) Concerto 6.dorico”.
I have no idea, why there is a different name in the error message.
Dorico (628.0 KB)

I wonder why the computer is trying to save a file in the trash folder. Could this have to do with deleting a backup file?

Derrek, this is on an iPad…

Please explain the difference. The iPad has no backup or trash folder?

… on iOS/iPadOS these folders are hidden from the user. There’s no chance to dive in - unless you are a developer.

The diagnostics show that you opened the project from the hidden trash folder. The question is how you managed this. Had you manually deleted this file via e.g. the Files app, or from iCloud Drive on another device?

Daniel, no I did not do anything unusual. Next time I got an error first, then the same message as above, just with increased numbering, this time it was (Avison) Concerto 10. This all happened whilst working on a .dorico file, which I started by double tapping the file in the Files App. I did then use split view and opened another file, a .pdf
At some point Dorico stalled and I got these error messages.
First time, when trying to export as .dorico project.
I usually do it from time to time and overwrite the prior file - to be sure, I have saved the most recent version.
Next time it happened, while I was actually working on the dorico file.
The error warning came out of nowhere. I suspect there is some automatic saving going on from time to time.

What I imagine happened is that Dorico has a bookmark for the project in a specific location, and the file ended up moved into the trash somehow (though I don’t think there’s any way Dorico can do this itself unless you actively choose to delete the project from the context menu in the Hub). The bookmark was automatically updated to follow the file into its new location, and then when you opened the project, it was therefore opened from the trash folder. I don’t know how this can actually happen in practice, however.

Daniel, this is all on the iPad:

  1. My setup/preferences are set, so that Dorico saves to iCloud.
  2. I open/import an .xml file from an iCloud folder into Dorico, then - just to be sure - I export the Dorico project to the same folder, where I the .xml file came from. I choose a well formatted name for the file.
  3. whilst working on the project I intermittently export the project to the same location, making sure I overwrite the former file with the same name. I’ll do this, because I still experience crashes or a stalling of the App.
    So I know, that the last export happened, after I have finished the 2nd flow, f.e.
  4. I should check on the fact, that sometimes Dorico by itself seems to save the project file, under a shorter name (I guess taken from the Project Info window, top line “Project Title”).
  5. I do sometimes clean up the folder. I delete the source .xml file and also any project files, that Dorico might have produced by itself. I just leave my exported Project file, plus a reference .pdf file.

There might be a step in this procedure, which leads to the above scenario…

Does Dorico really create project files “by itself”? I suspect you actually deleted the file that Dorico had bookmarked in its Hub.

yes, on the iPad things happen in the background, I guess with best intentions…