Can’t see Bluetooth devices for playback, iOS

Running iPad Pro A10X with latest (and last) version of Cubasis and last few versions of iOS 11.

Apps like GarageBand and Spotify see my Pioneer car stereo and Ion stereo Bluetooth devices. I can play music through these apps and devices with no problems.

When I run Cubasis app it can’t find these Bluetooth devices and in the previous version of iOS Cubasis actually crashed the iPad Bluetooth driver so other apps can no longer see any Bluetooth devices. An iPad reboot was required.

Anyone else have problem playing back Cubasis audio through Bluetooth?

Hi softbass,

There should be no problems, to playback Cubasis’ output via Bluetooth devices (apart from high latency).

Make sure bluetooth is enabled, and your BT device is paired with the iPad.
Once done, go to Setup/Audio and enable the Bluetooth button, to choose BT as the output for Cubasis.


  • Fairly high latency is to be expected while transmitting audio via Bluetooth
  • BT will be turned off automatically once you start recording

Please learn more about the feature in the Setup/Audio section of the Cubasis in-app help.

Hope that helps.


The Bluetooth works fine on both devices with Spotify and GarageBand. Only a problem with Cubasis.

Hi softbass,

Did you try the steps mentioned above?
Should work without any problems…


Yes. The Bluetooth device isn’t shown on the list but it is shown as connected in ios settings. Also the other apps show it as connected. Cubasis doesn’t.

I have had it working momentarily on the Ion sound system and Pioneer car stereo (on my boat) but it seems that Cubasis keeps killing the bluetooth connection. Have you checked the code?

Another weird thing is that when I do manage to get a connection with the Pioneer car stereo it connects as a phone device! (with poor quality audio). Again Spotify and Garageband connect Ok and consistently as a normal audio stream. Maybe a clue there.

Hi softbass,

It seems you’ve did something wrong here, connecting the device.
Here are the steps again…


  • Make sure bluetooth is enabled in the iOS settings, and your BT device is paired with the iPad._

Cubasis steps

  • Go to setup/audio
  • Make sure “Bluetooth / AirPlay” button is highlighted

It’s easy to do, and should not cause any issues…


I have seen a related problem, that seems to indicate a possible bluetooth issue with Cubasis. The problem is easy to reproduce for me.
I run an IPad Pro 9,7 128Gb with IOS 11.3 and the latest Cubasis.

Problem :
My bluetooth speaker Harman Kardon Esquire switches from normal Bluetooth mode
(Blue Led on) to phone mode (Green Led on) which means inferior sound, with no bass
if Cubasis is started (in background mode) and if Bluetooth is Off in Cubasis Settings/Audio.

The only way to get the speaker to work in normal Bluetooth mode with an app like Spotify for example and give normal full sound is to do one of these two things :
A: Shutdown Cubasis completely
B: If Cubasis is started, Cubasis Setup/Audio: ”Bluetooth” button must be
I do not understand why this setting should affect the function of the speaker when used
with another app like Spotify.

Could it be that Cubasis is polling for bluetooth peripherals like keyboards etc and happens to confuse the bluetooth speaker making it change to some phone mode or something like that ?
(This is just a wild guess since I have not had time to investigate further.)

I hope Steinberg could comment on whether this could be an issue with Cubasis
Keep up the great work !