Can’t see my audio interface in VST Connect

Hi there. Using VST Connect Pro in Cubase 12 with the latest update. Before today, everything was running smoothly. Suddenly, I can’t access my audio interface in the master channel section of VST Connect Pro. I only see the performer’s audio interface. I’m unable to switch it to mine, and as such can’t communicate with the artist. This just started today after using VST Connect Pro for a year with no issues. We tried restarting, reinstalling, and we are at our wits end. Please help!

The Mixer in the VST Connect plugin (in Cubase, labeled “Monitor”) shows the Performers’ monitor mix and ports, not yours.

That’s impossible, how should a remote computer use your interface?

What exactly doesn’t work?
In Cubase, try VST Connect/Repair first.
a) For the Performer to hear anything, assing his audio interface output (headphones) in the Performer Monitor Mixer MASTER channel (at the top). Then make sure you have assigned a Talkback mic of your audio interface in Cubase (Control Room).
b) for you to hear Performer, make sure to assign his mic in the “Mic” Channel (again, at the top), selecting his interface port where his mic is connected.

Thank you for clarifying musicullum. I didn’t realize the mixer was entirely for the performer’s side of things. One thing that’s changed however is I used to see a whole list of inputs under “mic” for the performer’s soundcard. Now I just see one. Under Master in the mixer I only see the name of the audio interface, not all of the inputs (or outputs if this is the case). We’ve been recording for a few weeks with no issue… so what could have changed? I hope this makes sense and I apologize for my lack of complete understanding of VST Connect. Thanks for your time.

I did try Repair, and nothing changed.

No idea. What is the Performers’ audio interface? Did Performer use other audio applications, or change the System device etc. Maybe Performers’ audio device has changed (see settings)?
Repair cannot repair Performers’ issues, only check for missing components on the Studio side, sorry.

Here’s what I get when I try to connect:

Performer has no Input Port connected to its audio system. Make sure to select at least one Channel Input Port (at the top of the channel) in order to hear anything from Performer!

Then this:

Performer has no Output Port connected to its audio system. Make sure to select an Output Port (at the top of the MASTER channel) that is connected to Performer speakers or headphone!

There is only one option to select, where two days ago there were many option to select.

Then this:

Continuous Sample Rate mismatch: please change either your sample rate to 48000 or the Artists’ rate to yours!

The artist closes VST Connect performer, switches her audio interface to 44.1. Opens VST Connect Performer and it switches back to 48 immediately. Artist is using Apollo x4 on a Mac.

There is kind of a contradiction here. Performer switching to 48k because Studio has set to 48k is what is to be expected - I assume Studio has 48k, correct? It then tells Performer’s interface to set its rate to the Studio rate, and from then on the message should disappear, no? Maybe start over once.
Could it be that Performer is running other audio software in parallel?
And are you sure that the Apollo is selected as the audio device on the Performer computer? What exactly are the input and output port names in the according Performer menus (MASTER out, Mic In)?

Studio meaning my setup? I’m at 44.1 always. Never 48. Performer is running no other audio software.

Ok, so you have 44.1k and thus, the Performers’ rate should be set to 44.1k as well. This is what the VST Connect plugin in the Studio tells the Performer app to do when connected.
If the Performers’ audio interface refuses to react to this accordingly (as you said, it switches to 48k, right?), then Performer has to switch it manually to 44.1k on his machine, best before the connection is started.