Can’t see notes when looking to edit velocity

When I open the Expression editor, the note view that was previously looking at a selection of notes pops to the very top of the range and I can only see the tupfet marks, if any.
Here I tried extending the Key editor up a lot to see if it made a difference:

I can also look at the notation part to see what I’m editing exactly, but it’d be helpful to keep the view on the notes.

I can select notes and it hops back to viewing the notes - well some of the time…
Then when I fold the expression and then every hops to the top again.

We have fixed the problem with the piano roll jumping to the top of the view in Dorico 4.2 on the desktop, but that fix isn’t yet included in Dorico for iPad. It will be included in the next iPad update when it arrives, in the relatively near future.

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