Can’t solo tracks

Hi! I’m having a strange issue in Cubasis 3.5 ( was also present in previous version )
When I import an audio file, it doesn’t end up on the track I drag and drop it to. It will chose a random track that already have audio on it. I then drag it back to the track I want, no problem there but now comes the real issue, I can’t solo or mute tracks! It’s very annoying when mixing a project when you can’t solo a track to listen.

I’m using iPad Pro M1.

Kind regards,


Hi @Daniel_Anghede,

Happy New Year and sorry for my late reply, due to seasonal holidays!

We’ve already included the issue, that using drag and drop can lead to audio events being placed on the wrong track in our Cubasis 3.5 Known Issues list.

Does the problem to solo tracks appear after this issue? Do you have further details to share, allowing us to reproduce the problem?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Daniel_Anghede,

We are unable to reproduce the problem.
Please provide us with further information (step description, a short clip etc.).