can’t sort out syncopation easily

(after xml import) I get this in Dorico:

I’d like it to look like this (as in the original file):

So far I found no setting, where to adjust the display of these syncopations.
Do I have to rewrite?
The piece is in 3/4

There is not at present an option in the ‘Syncopation’ group of the ‘Note grouping’ page of Notation Options that would produce this notation, as far as I can tell, though I will check with James about this tomorrow.

For now, you will need to use Force Durations (shortcut O) and re-enter the notes that are currently shown as two 16ths as a single 8th in each case.

Thank you, Daniel. I also discovered a quite efficient way to do so:
SHIFT-N, O, 5, Notename, right arrow key until the next culprit, Notename, right arrow key etc…

Just replicated your example - exported from Finale - and Dorico automatically produced the desired notation…

If you exported it from Finale and opened it in Dorico via MusicXML, then you would see the notes with the durations as they were entered in Finale, because Dorico effectively sets Force Duration on all of the notes imported via MusicXML.


you mean you typed the music like in in Finale, exported to music.xml, then imported into Dorico and got the same result?

Yes, that’s right! BUT when I later did “Edit > Reset Appearance” I got your “wrong” version, and couldn’t reverse that…

the mysteries of music.xml …

BTW, the export was from Finale 25.1 - export from earlier version may yield other results…

There’s nothing mysterious about MusicXML here. As Daniel explained above, the tricky bit is how Dorico silently handles reproducing the notation, even if it would not display the rhythm that way by default.