Can´t use WL6 after installing WL7 :(

I have WL Studio 6 on my PC and upgraded to WL7 and installed in on the Mac Pro.
Now I can´t use WL6 after installing WL7 :frowning:
When upgrading to WL 7, the dongle that came with WL Studio 6 got updated too and isn´t recognized by WL Studio 6 anymore… :frowning:
Sure, I could install WL 7 on the PC too… BUT… I loved WL Studio 6 and I was so darn quick in using it.
WL 7 bugs and the new GUI is slowing me down badly…

Is there a way to use the same dongle with WL6 and 7?? Plz let me know.
WL Studio 6 has always been very reliable and stable. Almost 100% crash free… I´ve done tons of broadcasting jobs with it during the years. Time IS money!

Unfortunalely I don´t feel I can put my trust in WL7 yet…

With the wl 7 elicenser, you can run wavelab 6 (but i dont know if you can run wavelab studio, try)

Thanks. I can try and reinstall WL Studio 6 on the PC again. I have Windows 7 now.
I´ll give it a try.

I suspect this will not be possible now since you “upgraded”. If you had the full version of WL6 and then “upgraded” to 7 - you could till run both. I know I can.

You can easily check the available licenses in the e-Licenser software…but I am guessing you now have a single WL7 license

And since WL Studio is a cut-down version (plus I will bet you scored a tidy discount by “upgrading” it to W7) - your “upgrade” action combines everything into your new single license. And since you now own a single license of WL7 - that’s all you can run - what you got the nice discount on.

I do not believe you can “upgrade” and retain two different “flavours” of the app.


The WaveLab 7 license allows you to run WaveLab 6 as well, however I’d recommend installing the latest version of the eLicenser.

But - I suspect - the “studio” license has already been purged due to the upgrade process. If it was a “full” version upgrade - the two licenses remain intact. They did in my case.


Weird; I had WL from version 3, but since the e-Licenser, the latest version always has overwritten previous licenses. I now have only the WL7 license on it - which is fine, cause I can still use WL6. I would expect that you should also be able to use Studio…

I still think it’s because you (and I for that matter) had/have a license of the “full” version (even stretching back to v3). As long as you stay within the right “flavor” of WL - you should always be able to run the prior version.

But if you go from a “lesser” variant to a higher (and you are patting yourself on the back for getting it cheaper than buying a true full license) - the higher becomes your only product - the upgrade treats this as a merged license. Then - following the upgrade process - now that you do not have a prior version of anything…you can only run the product you upgraded to.

Seems that “nice” price you took advantage of - is the price you pay for losing the lesser version. Makes complete sense to me since the OP is not only upgrading but in effect “changing” versions.

Also - Steinberg might be thinking along these lines when moving between variants: “Why would you need that dumbed down version of WL when you just bought the full blown Cadillac version now?” Of course - the perils of moving to WL7 aside (since we all know that it hasn’t been exactly smooth) but it is what it is :slight_smile:

I also remember threads about this when WL7 first became available. And I believe the answer was - that’s exactly what is supposed to happen.


In the case of Cubase, if you upgrade from, say, Cubase Studio 4 to Cubase 6, your license is upgraded but still allows you to run every version ever released (at least as far back as Cubase SE3, which is the oldest and “smallest” version I have personally verified will run under a Cubase 6 license). I think it’s probably just an oversight if it turns out not to be possible to run WaveLab Studio 6 with a WaveLab 7 license – that’s why I suggest to the OP to upgrade to the latest version of the eLicenser to make sure the license database is up-to-date. If that doesn’t work, I suggest the OP opens a support call with Steinberg.