Can´t visualise ossias staves - Dorico Pro 2.1

Hi everyone;
I just can not visualize the ossias staves.
I´ve attached na image of how to create them, they are marked but not visible.
What can I do ?
Thank you all for helping me.

Have you checked the setting of your Layout in Layout options>Staves and Systems>Ossias>Show ossias in the Layout?

Hello Marc,
I think so (see attachement)

to-coruche, take a look at Layout Options again but make sure you select the correct layout. The layout I’ve highlighted at the top is the one you’re actually looking at, but the one you have selected on the left in Layout Options is the one you’re changing settings for.

OK. all layouts are equaly configured.
I’m sorry, I should have said that earlier.

Just in case I’ve confused you, what I want to see is this:

I’m not saying that your settings are wrong; just that what you’ve shown in your previous screenshot doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know!


I’m really sorry - I have to rush off to a rehearsal. I’ll take a proper look later on…

See you later

You cannot show ossia staves on percussion kits. How did you manage to create the ossia there in the first place? I guess by copying and pasting them. But regardless of how they got there, they won’t appear, I’m afraid.

Hello Daniel,
Thank you very mutch by your precius clarification (as usually).
The tuturial videos always forget the tiny details who makes the diference.
Thanks again and congratulations by this upgrade.