Can´t write this

Hi, everything you see in the GIF is written with “Force Duration”, but when I press the “T”, what you see happens. I want it to look like in the attached graphic, how could I achieve it?

Thanks in advance!

Captura de pantalla 2021-09-17 a las 8.11.16

There’s only one image in your post (it’s a known limitation for new users on the forum), so I’m afraid it’s unclear what you mean.

If this is what you are trying to achieve, this is how to do it (it worked for me, at least!):

Enter two 16th-notes after pressing “O” for Force Duration.
Add a note a Major 3rd above the second 16th ( shift-I, M3, enter ).
Change the upper notehead to a White Diamond Notehead (using Edit > Notehead > Diamonds).
Select the first two 16ths (including the altered notehead).
Press “R” to repeat (as many times as you need).
Select the whole bar and de-select the diamond noteheads - you might find it easier to use Edit > Filter > Notes in Chords > Second Note or Single Notes.
Press “T” to tie the selected notes.

The precise position of the ties can be adjusted in Engrave mode. If you zoom in, you will be able to make sure that you select only the edit handles you need.

If the diamond noteheads are entered as harmonics, the Tie command removes the harmonic noteheads. If the playback result is important then you are probably out of luck, unless there is another way of doing it. You might be able to achieve somewhere close to your desired sound (if you used the method I described earlier) by selecting the diamond noteheads and moving them up two octaves, as in the following picture.

Before printing, you would put them back in their original position, of course.

Hello, thanks to both of you.

Here you can see the problem, wich is what @stevenjones01 described:

And then the only fix is a workaround… I had thought in that workaround, but I was trying to avoid it. I don´t understand why Dorico removes the harmonic notehead when you tie it, by the way.

Thank you very much for your time and help, best regards.

That’s because Dorico sees an artificial harmonic as a single note. This approach, though seemingly logical, creates other issues, such as harmonics glissandi. Another workaround is entering the A’s in voice 1, entering additional A’s with the harmonics in a new downstem voice (all with force durations on), remove rests, remove stems in engrave mode, tie the first voice in the upstem voice in write mode, select every 2nd and 3rd 16th note in engrave mode and set their voice column to zero in the PP, then finally select the upward ties in engrave mode in set them to downward in the PP. It looks quite solid.
Note that is works only with stems being up. if down, there will be a bit of stem missing behind the harmonic. But I leave there there just FYI


Thank you very much!