Can tempo tracks etc. go between C7.5 and CP8?

Question also applies to other types of exported tracks (MIDI, Tempo, etc.) - can they be imported from C7.5 to C8, and vice versa?

Thinking about:

  1. Using CP8 to generate a tempo track from MIDI, then bringing it back into a project I’ve been working on in C7.5.20.
  2. Also, thinking about bringing C7.5.20 projects over into CP8 to finish.

Thanks -

There is indeed a separate Export/Import option for the Tempo track :wink:. not that i have tried, but, in theory you should even be able to re-import a Tempo track from Cubase 8 into Cubase SX3! :stuck_out_tongue:
The same applies for MIDI tracks and even Audio tracks, so long as the receiving Project supports the necessary plug-ins (although you might want to Freeze any Audio edits first :wink: ).