Can the color of the left/right side panels be changed?

Cubase Pro 12. Windows 10.

I can get the center of the Project window dark, but can the side panels be made dark too?

Yep… In the Preferences window, go to the Interface > Color Schemes pane.
Then, you can edit the very first Custom Color Scheme parameter of it…

Thank you for the reply. That’s where I was able to change the Project window background, but I don’t see an option for the area in question and don’t see any parameter set to the color in question (dark gray). Oh well. Back to making music!


EDIT: I did change every parameter to bright blue, but that area didn’t change.

Again, it’s the very first option : the Custom Color Scheme one. And yes, its label isn’t very self-explaining…

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Oh! Boom! Thanks. Looks like it’s limited in how dark it can go. But that’s what I was looking for.

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Yep, the range of available RGB values is limited : I don’t know if it’s a deliberate choice of the devs crew and/or due to a limitation of some kind in the graphical development tools used.

Here, I have set it as 32/42/48. I also would have liked being able to go just a little darker, but well…

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