Can the fonts in the Chinese interface use MS Yahei UI instead of Yu Gothic UI for Japanese?

Similar requests have also appeared in the forum, as follows:

Steinberg Nuendo provides a Chinese interface, which is very important for Chinese users. Although the individual translations are inaccurate and there are even obvious errors, I can also understand by switching the English interface. The problem that annoys me the most is that in the Chinese interface, the system still displays in a font similar to Japanese by default. Due to the difference in font design, Chinese characters with small font sizes are difficult to read.
Like some competitors (I don’t want to mention the names of other products here), it is not difficult to use Windows’ default Microsoft Yahei UI as the main font. I hope that changing the default font can be one of the preferences in Nuendo.


There must be something configurable on the developers’ side which allows an application to use system default Simplified Chinese UI font without the necessity of specifying its PostScript name. // Plus, its PostScript name is “Microsoft YaHei UI” which is case-sensitive.

P.S.: Theoretically, macOS can do this. Just like in HTML5 area you set the LANG of an HTML page to zh-Hans-CN (plus setting the font to only “sans-serif” or “-apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, sans-serif”) and you can see Google Chrome and Apple Safari automatically utilizes the default system Simplified Chinese fallback font to the rendered web contents. It should be considered stupid in this era if a program developer still have to force-specify the PostScript name of the non-English UI font in the program.

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