Can the free Spitfire Labs, "Autograph Grand," VST work with Dorico?

Plain and simple, a DAW, and inputting notes via midi simply isn’t an option for me at the current time. I’ve always been old-school, but due to unfortunate circumstances these forced me to have to compose pieces in the software note-for-note. Regardless, I’m a little new to some of these VST plugins and getting them to work properly.
I went ahead and got this one because I liked the sound and it was free. So I figured, if it didn’t work, no waste of money, and I got a learning experience. But now I need to find out if it’s actually possible to use in Dorico. I recently downloaded the Spitfire BBCSO Discover, again free, and this one Dorico has created a Template for. So, is that what’s missing is a template? I’m just not sure how to redirect the designated Hallion SE library sound with this new one from LABS. Could someone help assist me please? And remember, while I know WHAT I want accomplished I’ve never taken courses or anything regarding this, so please try to keep it simple. Any information in appreciated!

Instead of adding the HALion Player, you need to include the Spitfire LABS player. (You probably know that already, but in case you don’t: This is done in the “Play” Tab, where the left column shows the “Track Inspector” and the “VST and MIDI” tabs. Click on the latter one, exchange the HALion Plugin with the Spitfire LABS Sampler.)

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 22.50.30

I do not know the instrument you mention and if it needs a template. Will look into it now…

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Thank you so very much sir!! I kept clicking the, “e,” instead. I guess I wasn’t even realizing there was a dropdown right there. I had seen it in other videos, but I guess it just never resonated for some reason! :joy: Again, thank you so very much!!

I did work with the BBCSO and its expression and percussion maps. But I do understand the LABS Samples well enough to be able to say if this plugin needs an expression map or not. Currently I wouldn’t know how to configure it.

However, simple stuff like legato, stacc, tenuto etc playback well. The dynamics are very weak, though. I wonder if that plugin needs a different CC to handle them. Not sure what kind of music you write, but for simple stuff it should suffice.

Maybe the Spitfire Audio forum can help here.

Otherwise, Dorico’S standard library comes with a nice Acoustic Grand piano that you get via the HALion Player. That one is pre-configured and plays all dynamics back just fine.

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Greatly appreciate all the time and knowledge sir!! You were a wonderful help!!

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