can the UR44 work with bluetooth headset?

hey all,

i’m trying to set up a pair of wireless headphones on the UR44. i tried an RF set and although they worked, the sound wasn’t great and lots of interference/feedback.

i switched to a bluetooth set which sound great, but no audio cable to connect them to the UR44.

is it possible, or has anyone had any experience, using bluetooth headsets with the UR44? i know it’s probably a shot in the dark to make this setup work, but figured i’d ask just in case… i really want the ability to use a wireless headset with the UR44, and although the RF headset works, just doesn’t have the sound quality of the bluetooth headset.

any help is greatly appreciated!


I dont see why you cant use one or more of these on the headphone out(s)… or something similar.

Is this for a live application or for your studio?

thanks for the response.

i’ve done a bit of research since i posted this, including trying one of these transmitters, and ran into a whole other situation… so yes, a bluetooth transmitter can be used and the headphones will work, but unfortunately bluetooth has an inherent audio latency that is not ideal when used for anything that requires the audio to be synced with another “input source” (for lack of a better label); examples would be video games or instrument playback.

in this case, the result is a delay in the guitar output to the headphones (ie, i play a note, but i hear it within a second later). the delay is definitely enough to be noticeable, especially when playing anything fast.

next, i discovered this audio technology for bluetooth called aptx which is supposed to enhance sound quality AND reduce latency- but you need both a transmitter and headphones that support aptx. then i find out that there are numerous versions of aptx, including live, lossless, low latency.

so, i bought a transmitter with low latency and headphones with just aptx (they didn’t specify low latency, bought them before i found out about it) and the latency issue remains- so frustrating! what’s worse, the aptx website only shows a handful of headphones that support low latency- with no mention of mainstream brands like Sony, Beats, Monster, Sennheiser etc…

so now i’m at the point where i’m re-assessing my options- what will work and what’s required… the bluetooth setup obviously seems rather involved and pricey, so i’m wondering if looking at RF sets again is worthwhile? i tried a Sony RF headphone set in the beginning for $100 and was rather disappointed- constant hissing/noise and sound quality wasn’t great, but maybe there are other options that eliminate the noise issue and sound better?

i’m interested in anyone’s comments/feedback, hopefully i can find the right solution for the right price!

oh, and this is ultimately going to be used for recording guitar and other instruments in Cubase, though right now the issue exists just with playback of the guitar through the UR44, don’t have Cubase open…