can this be done?

Hi I have always wanted to open up an old project while having my current project active and just randomly drag stuff
stuff over from Project “X” into project “Y” without having to go back and bounce or export stuff…
So you can quickly drag over midi files/audio parts/automation on the fly type thing… so its quicker… I find the method of having to activate an older project and export certain things from there that I need a little slow. can it be done?


Yes, this is possible.

Open the 1st project. Open the 2nd Project. Cubase will ask you:
Do you want to activate the project?

Click to No button. Your 1st project stays activate, and the 2nd one is “passive”. So there is no loading of plug-ins, etc. You can Copy & Paste, or Drag & Drop all regions from the 2nd prject to the 1st and vice versa.

Have you ever lost your quick control settings in the inspectors on all tracks when doing this. ? It always happens to me.

No problem here, on Mac.

Thanks Martin.

Could this have been fixed in an update of Cubase 6.0 or 6.5?

Martin, wow, I didn’t know this could be done. That’s a nice feature that I didn’t know about. Thanks!

And since we are here, I have never considered this but, let’s say I had a project that was 24/48 and another 24/44.1. If I wanted to do this drag and drop feature I would need to convert one project to match the other before I started. So is there a quick way to convert an entire project over to a different sample rate? I doubt it but you would probably know the answer…

If you drag the region from the project, which is in different sample rate, Cubase will ask you: Do you want to convert the sample rate?

Confirm, you want to convert it. Then all your regions (Audio tracks) will be in the same sample rate, and there will be not probelm with different speed and tune, etc.

Martin, thank you that info!! I had no idea Cubase would/could do any of this. You Rock! :sunglasses: