Can this site be made to auto-update?

I find that I have to do a manual update every time I want this site to refresh itself.
Is there an option for a regular auto-update?

Daniel’s probable answer:
I have answered three questions and that is enough.
Be off, or I’ll kick you downstairs!

You mean you have to use the refresh feature in your browser to see what new topics/posts are available? As far as I know that’s just how it works.

If you’re running a browser that supports extensions/plug-ins, you might be able to use an extension to auto-refresh the site for you on an interval, e.g. this one for Chrome:

Thanks Daniel
I guess I’m too used to sports channels updating themselves with the latest scores all the time.

This is always updated when I open it, using either IE on Windows 7 or whatever IE’s replacement is called on Windows 10.

Ah - but I leave the site open all the time and have to do a manual update to see the latest changes.

i use a desktop shortcut. One click to open and one click to close when I’m done reading new posts. It’s up-to-date each time then. Is there some reason you want it always open and then have to refresh (and won’t know whether there is anything new until you do)?

It’s easier to keep it open than to fish for the link among many others, and certainly easier to refresh than to re-open.
I had the US PGA Golf Championship site open yesterday and it refreshed itself every 5 minutes. I guess I’m spoiled by sites that do this.

An extension along the lines of the one that Daniel suggested would definitely be my solution in a situation where you’re wanting more automated refreshing. The server load and requirements for websites where information needs to be constantly up to date (news, sports, etc.) are much higher than a basic form as well, and I wouldn’t expect that Steinberg would want to allocated the necessary resources to something that’s pretty easily resolved via plugin (nowadays) or the old-fashioned way i.e. refreshing.

Derek doesnt do plugins! :slight_smile:

Derek doesn’t do plugins.

Not strictly true there are about 4 I use regularly that do things that can’t be practically achieved any other way (e.g harp gliss and cresc/dim playback for VSTs that ignore hairpins).
Also Bob Z has written me one or two that have been very useful - particularly the one that tells me what percussion I’ve used and how many players will be required to accommodate the busiest moments.