Can upgrading old MIDI gear give better results in C Pro 8?


I am using a Steinberg Midex 8 with Win 8.1 (64 bit) and Cubase Pro 8 (64 bit). I know that the Midex 8 has unsupported drivers but its actually working which is great.

I have a few questions regarding MIDI. I am experiencing Notes sticking. I have clicked “Use System Timestamp for ‘Direct Music’ inputs” and still getting MIDI notes sticking from time to time. I have tried ASIO Guard on and Off, on every setting and In fact I’ve had Midi notes stick for years and its making me wonder whether its time to upgrade my Midi Controllers and/or Midex 8 Interface? Always had timing issues so have always had to move Midi notes where I want them and this defeats the wondrous World of Midi and VIs.

I have 3 Midi Controllers (forgetting my CMCs connected via USB 2). A Yamaha Clavinova CLP-311 on ch 1 of Midex. A Korg SP-200 on Ch 2 of Midex. And an M-Audio Ozonic on ch 3 of Midex. Not exactly cutting edge but its what I have at the moment.

I am just wondering whether its time to upgrade and get rid of the Midex 8? If I had a new Midi interface (either dedicated or in a Keyboard controller - such as the NI Kontrol S61) would my current Midi Controller Keyboards work fine or are they part of the problem and need replacing? I am desperate to have the Midi side of things running like a tight ship. I want to be able to play what I play and everything playback exactly as I played the parts. Notes hanging really kills performance and creativity. I’d upgrade my Midi gear in a heartbeat if this is the problem.

Would a modern 88 Note Fully Weighted Keyboard that connects via USB (for example an Akai MPK88) give better results than an old Keyboard (like mine) that only have Midi Connectors and have the need to go through a MIDI to USB Interface (such as the Midex 8)? Does a USB connected Keyboard/Controller have less latency than a classic Midi Connected Keyboard? Does it make a difference at all?

Sorry for all the questions but there are many people on this forum that are far more knowledgeable than me!


Try to find the culprit.

Is Chase events ticked under Prefs/MIDI ?

Also try filtering midi data > Prefs/ MIDI Filter to see which spesific data cause the issues.

Also don’t use “ALL MIDI INPUTS” > Try them all seperately and find the culprit.

Yep, I’m on it. I forgot to say I have ASIO Delay Compensation ticked on as default for all Instrument Tracks. Also does having Retrospective Record ticked on affect midi timing and Notes sticking? I apologize for forgetting any obvious settings as there are so many!

No It should’nt

Make sure Automatic Quantizing is not enabled

Under Prefs/Record/Midi:

Untick - ASIO Latency Comp

Untick - “SNAP MIDI Parts to Bars” ( it should’nt cause your spesific issues but for now untick it )

Auto Quantise is off.

Here is a Photo of My Prefs/Midi:

And here is a Photo of Prefs Midi/Filter:

Thanks again for your help and anyone else’s!


Untick “Reset on Stop” > Prefs/Midi

Cllick all boxes under Midi filter Record and Thru exept “NOTE” > but untick again as it was - if your problem is sorted

Select the spesific device as an input > not all midi inputs ( inspector ) and set to channel 1 not any and play and see if works now. Try them all seperately one by one and see which one cause the problem(s)

Hang in there > we will find the issue soon

I’m in the middle of a session, so if I dont reply again soon its because I simply can’t

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Amazing. One Sec.

I have done the following:

Untick - ASIO Latency Comp

Untick - “SNAP MIDI Parts to Bars”

Untick “Reset on Stop” > Prefs/Midi

Cllick all boxes under Midi filter Record and Thru exept “NOTE”

Select the spesific device as an input > not all midi inputs and play and see if works now.

My Korg 88 Note seems to be working brilliantly now! I need to do some recording to see if isn’t a temporary thing! Fingers crossed! The Yamama CLP-311 doesn’t want to play anything and all of a sudden a note fires off and hangs. Maybe its it’s age? Definitely not working like the Korg! The M-Audio Ozonic is missing notes as I play a scale. I think these two are in need of replacing! Can’t believe how responsive the Korg is being!

Thank you so much for your help! Looking at your signature, you really are a MidiSlut! haha!

I’m curious about why I have had to untick ASIO Delay Compensation? I thought that this would be a positive thing? If it isn’t then I’m glad you have pointed me in the right direction! I’ll message back after I have done some recording with the Korg and don’t worry about PMs. If this thread can be of any use to anyone else struggling with Midi then all is good!


GREATSTUFF !!! Glad I could help.

Now go and make music. I have to go.

Not sure if this helps, but I have 2 midex8s and am running c 7.5 on Win 7. I had hanging notes until I noticed that multiple midi drivers were being used at the same time: Direct Music and the Windows Drivers. Whey I disabled the win drivers, everything went well.

I’m a huge fan of the midex8. It just works. I spent all last weekend working on a piece with a bunch of midi channels and it was tight.


Well, the only Windows Drivers I can see now are for my CMCs. I wonder if that will make any difference? Here’s a photo of my Midi Port Setup screen if this helps?

Yeah I’ve owned to Midex8 for years now and if buying something new doesn’t improve upon things then there’s obviously no point in upgrading but I am curious just because the drivers are not supported any more and this can make a huge difference. I haven’t ever owned a keyboard controller that just plugs in via a USB2/3 connection and wonder how well they work in Cubase. I’m looking at the Native Instruments Kontrol S61 Keyboard. It looks slick and works seamlessly with Komplete 10.

Since last night, my Korg keyboard is still working like a champ. My other two (Yamaha CLP-311 and M-Audio Ozonic), I think need to go. Random stuck notes are still occurring. Still need to keep playing around with them to make sure.



You can tick “Use system timestamp for Windows Midi Inputs” also.

Is there a system, menu in the Yam CLP-311 and M-Audio Ozonic ? Change local control to “off” and transmit midi only channel 1 on them if you can. See if that works better now ?

Retrospective Record is used for tracks in Armed to Record mode. (Red Record Dot highlighted on track)
Anything you then play for the amount of events you’ve set in preferences (before clicking transport record) will then be recorded (PRE-pended to the event recorded) when you click the transport record.

Yes I have personally experienced that this can mess the timing when recording from “” (bars+beats) project position.
But more likely to adjust timing from what was played are things like Auto Quantize or Iterative Quantize.

I can’t check at the minute but I certainly will in the morning. Thank you!

I’ve been only recently playing around with Retrospective Record and I think it’s such a great feature. I haven’t used it long enough yet to see if it causes midi timing problems. Also, I actually only start recording in Cubase (midi and audio) at Bar 5 and beyond in the Project window to avoid any potential timing problems.

“MidiSlut” = LOL! Made my day.

Haha! Well, its true!

Its taken me a couple of days to try some recording with all my Keyboards and I have managed to turn Local Control to Off for the Yamaha and did a factory reset for the Ozonic controller. Haven’t had any notes sticking since all of your recommendations! Thank you!

I had to untick all of the boxes in Midi- Midi Filter (except SysEx - I’m not sure what that does at the minute so left it on) as the Pitchbend wheel on the Ozonic was working but when recording it didn’t work. Unticking Pitchbend on both “Record” and “Thru” fixed this. Only problem I have now is on the Yamaha, the Damper Pedal is no longer working.

The Damper Pedal works when playing the Yamaha and sounds are coming from the Yamaha’s Internal Sound Module but when local control is or isn’t set to “off” and transmits on midi channel 1 I then don’t have a Damper pedal.

Here’s how I fixed my stuck notes problem: