Can using a .WAV audio file with a bitrate other than 1411 cause syncing to video problems?

I have a feeling this syncing to video problem I’m having is being caused by a video that was shot with a variable frame rate…
but I want to rule out any problems with audio bitrates.
I have a .WAV file with a bitrate of 2116, which starts out in sync with a video file…
but after a minute or so the audio and video go out of sync.

Update to my problem… first perhaps i should have mentioned that the audio was recorded with a TouchMix-16 digital recorder.
All of the tracks from the TM16 were recorded at 1411 kbps and Imported into Cubase 10 at the same 1411 kbps.
After stereo mixdown the two track stereo output file(s) had bitrates of 2116 and a couple of outputs had bitrates of 2822 kbps.
I used an app called Handbrake to format the video to a fixed 30 FPS and in Cubase Project Get Frame Rate from Video.
But I’m still having the drift problem…
It’s noticeable after around 30 seconds or so.
Attached is a prt scr of the Video Import into Cubase.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this problem?

A standard sample rate for most audio tracks in video is 48kHz, regardless of the frame rate of the video.

Talking about bit rates in relation to non-compressed formats such as WAV (PCM) can be confusing, but a bit rate of 1411kbps equates to a stereo wav file with a sample rate of 44.1kHz. There’s your problem. Render your audio at 48kHz before combining it with your video and you should be OK.

Hi does anyone know how to export a Cubase 10 project already recorded to, CBR 192 kbps or higher MP3, constant bit rate (CBR) at 44.1 kHz