Can VST Live jump to song sections and loop ie like Ableton

VST Live sounds great all over…perhaps I can dump Gig Performer and ableton etc but the main thing is that I do a lot of spontaneous impro so that no performance is ever the same, even down to the actual song elements etc.
Ableton lets me do this quite well but as far as the rest of it, I need to use either gig performer or VIP etc to even get close and its so clunky and complicated
Im asking before I even download a trial of VST Live else Im jsut wasting my time
Thanks for any help

VST Live does not allow for dynamic changes (“jump”) to transport timeline playback yet (except for cycle operation). We are working on that and some more, though.

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Thats the only thing holding me back…otherwise it looks absolutely amazing on so many levels. I have used Brainspawn forte, Kore 2 (which is still very much unmatched for live performance modulation with its snapshot feature, Gig performer, mainly Ableton now but also did beta for VIP etc and have played a little with Sonic Arts which is very good
They all miss a cohesive centre which VST Live is by far the closest…but yes, for live play with actual musicians…it really needs spontaneous forking for satisfying performance than is not just karaoke if you know what I mean :wink:

I would like to suggest that even a basic function of eg Cubase play order would work

  1. With section play etc as per current
  2. A legato function as in Ableton so you can smoothly transition from 1 part to another during actual play (look up legato scene play on push 2)
  3. ‘Sustain’ loop where a section plays but then loops eg on the last 4 bars for suspensions etc
  4. Really good tempo follow as per Live v11


Just my 2c but these points are the essentials