Can We Believe , Ruff breakbeat style

Ive been working on this on and off for the last 7 months , battling deafness trying to get the tones right .
This track is totally made in Cubase , including the finalising , no copywrite issues with the vocals one is Cubase stock and the other was my creation > No profession mastering on this track as yet .
Please take a listen and enjoy the darker sonic journey of "Can We Believe "

Hi FilterFreq, this one keeps my interest from beginning to end. Lots of good sounds, all over the spectrum. Do you mean you are going deaf, or just losing high frequencies characteristic of growing old? Because the sounds on this one are rich.

Hi Early
Due to my raving years and working building bass cabs for a well know PA system company i have hearing problems , the peaks and dips in the frequency range are all over the place , my hear seems to dip out at about 6khz until 9hkz and after 13khz i can’t hear a thing audio wise but if i add the "Air frequencies i can hear those on my monitoring system . over the coarse of time ive been relying more on analysers which i know you shouldn’t do but the love for music just makes me want to carry on and with introduction of " Supervision " this has been a game changer .

The track was tested on various different systems including mono , phones, ect …
I think it’s still a tad to bright for my own feeling due to the hearing problems but i’ve been told it’s not to bad .
Thanks for the feedback it means a lot . Cheers for listening right to the end :+1: :smiley: