Can we customize Instrument Change labels separately?

Hi all,
Is there a way to customize Instrument Change labels separately from the warning labels? For example, I work in musical theatre, and a common thing is for the instrument change warning to use the abbreviated instrument name (“to Picc.”) and then the actual instrument change to have the full instrument name, often boxed, and sometimes all-caps (“PICCOLO”). If not, I would love for that to be a feature!

New to the forum, thanks in advance!


Yes you can - you can select individual instrument change labels in Engrave mode and edit both their prefix and “main content” independently of the defaults set in Setup>Layout Options>Players>Instrument Changes.

Unfortunately, at the moment you can’t show instrument change labels with an enclosure automatically.

Welcome to the forum, Ryan, and thanks for your feedback. I’ve made a note of this requirement and we’ll see whether we can accommodate the specific needs for musical theatre parts in a future version.

Thanks so much Daniel!

And thanks Lillie for the workaround!