Can we define colours for any element?

If you wanted ALL arpeggios to be always red, then you could change the colour in the Music Symbols editor of the Arpeggiation Up and Down “wiggle”, and arrow, and swash.

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Applying colors to time signatures (and/or other elements) seems like a popular request. I have done this in all my Sibelius files where it’s relevant, somewhat surprised that after 5 versions of Dorico, this is still not easy/working.

Jazz musicians often work in low-light situations, and we need all the help we can get to take not of things.

You’ll be able to set a colour override for time signatures in the next update, when it arrives.

Thanks, Daniel. Are there any plans for being able to re-colour any element on a score (including staff lines, etc.)?

No concrete plans for the ability to comprehensively change the colour of every element in the score. no. Each item that supports colour needs separate implementation, so building this capability for absolutely every item in the score represents a significant effort.

I’d be interested to learn more about your use cases for colouring things like staff lines. I’m aware of some educational use cases (e.g. the Colourstrings method) but I’m always curious to know about new use cases, as that may influence the priority that we assign to these kinds of development tasks.

Thanks Daniel. I certainly understand I’m a bit of an edge case here.
I lay out my use case in the original post. Summary is: I use a screen to show a melody line and lyrics, and I want to visually emphasize the lyrics by having only them be black and everything else on the screen be a medium grey. So the notation is there as a guide, but not given the same visual weight as the lyrics.