Can we do a Master Version list, a la Pro Tools?

In my mind, we can work as in PT.
You can Make a New (empty) Track Version > Name it “Master 1” > Copy from other Track versions (Range tool). The range selection will stay put when changing Track Version.
You can Duplicate a Track Version > Name it “Master 2” > do minor edit changes.
You can rename Track Versions after doing comping/editing.

The only thing different is that in Cubase you can’t “Promote” to a new empty Track Version.
You will have to select the Track Version from where you want to copy > Range Select > Copy > Flip to the target Track Version > Paste.

You can flip through the Track Versions fast by using the Key Command Ctrl + Shift + G/H (for up/down).

For working with Multitracked Drums, Track Versions is heaven sent, and much better in this instance than Lanes IMO (Lanes can get “messy” very quickly in multitrach scenarios).
For single track comping Lanes works best IMO.

I saw this over at Gearslutz (never been a member there, only browsing the Cubase section):

There is some nice ideas from a experienced PT user as well as from experienced users of both PT and Cubase.

Track Versions (aka PT’s Playlists and Studio One’s Layers) is the thing I missed the most in Cubase, after working the most part of the last year in those DAW’s.

Hope this helps (as the question wasn’t crystal clear :wink:)

Happy New Year :slight_smile:

For me this only works occasionally, if you have overlapping audio it will often copy audio that was underneath and not played in the other version.

Also if I select all on track it will often shift all the newly pasted audio to the left if it didn’t start recording at the start.

Using the select tool and updating the origin and then pasting the regions and then using move to origin doesn’t seem to work a lot of the time either some audio will still jump to other locations and the origin will not be updated. All very squirrely for me.