Can we finally kill the Transport?

That panel is a pain in my ass. I never have room for it and it’s never there when I need it and it’s in the way when I don’t want it.

So why do I still use it?

Because Steinberg hasn’t moved the following indicators to the control bar up top:

  1. Click on/off
  2. Pre-count on/off
  3. Auto-Q on/off
  4. Tempo fixed/map

With all the crap I can cram in the top, WHY can I not have these fundamental tools?

Excellent idea!!!


But please try to keep the requests in one place so we can get some traction. Thanks :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:



+1 (even I have already softbuttons on my AVID Artist Control touchscreen for these functions :wink: )


For what it’s worth, I have a well-used key shortcut for click toggle. If the other three functions are candidates for that sort of thing, then you’ve already got a solution available. When I’m next at my DAW, I’m going to check that out. With three more key shortcuts, the transport will seldom be needed at all. So, thanks for the inspiration. :slight_smile:

+1 That would be awesome!!