Can we highlight selected tracks please? It would really help navigate huge projects


it’s highlighted already… don’t understand the question

It’s not, this is photoshopped


What is the use-case, please?

The track selection is mostly linked to the Inspector, if you want to change something on the track. But it’s not linked so much with the data/signal in it. If you want to edit the data in the track, you don’t select the track, you select the data.

The use-case is a user friendly approach to navigating data in big templates. Multiple events on multiple tracks lead to a cluttered workspace, especially given that the events are always blocks of data almost randomly scattered around the project. And so you can surely appreciate how tracking horizontally with my eyes in search for events on a given track is inferior, and confusing to having the track I’m interested in highlighted, therefore keeping my eyes locked as I scroll back and forth


While I understand the following is not what you’re asking for, it is my solution for your use case. And for me that works just fine even without the whole track background being highlighted:

I have configured Cubase to make the selected track a bit taller than the rest.

In addition to making the events on the selected track visually distinguishable, it also allows me to see more detail in the events of the selected track I’m investigating.

As an additional workflow bonus: During some parts of my workflow, I enable the Preference “Enable Auto Select Events under Cursor”, so when I scroll the cursor across the time line, the event under the cursor in the selected track automatically shows up in the Editor Zone at the bottom of my screen.

p.s. You probably increase your chances of getting a feature-request seen and considered by the right people, if you tag your post accordingly.


I totally agree with @Nico5 . The Editing > Project & MixConsole > Enlarge Selected Track preferences enabled helps a lot.

I also have several (visibility) Configurations ready in my large project template. So I can quickly switch the focus (and lower the visible number of tracks) to Strings, Brass, or Melodies, Harmonies, etc.

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I know about these options, but I appreciate the feedback. It would just help a great deal if the selected track would get the highlight the same way it gets it when clicking “Lanes”, like @Nico5 's first track in the project. The enlarged selected track is what I’ve been using so far, but it doesn’t help that the entire timeline is still one color, and therefore I still get lost sometimes

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