Can we - hopefully - recover download access codes?

Hello everyone! Old time Steinberg user that came back to revitalize his software instruments (Groove Agent 5 and Padshop 2), now that they are available for Steinberg Licensing!

But… I can’t find any of my download access codes, which from what I read are necessary to add the old eLicenser products to Steinberg Licensing. I can find the activation codes (the long, 32 digit ones), but not the download access codes.

I’ve checked my spam, my emails, searched throughout mySteinberg, tried to see if I can somehow recover them via the eLCC… no luck.

Any help here?

Download Access Codes can only be used one time.

Do you have a USB-eLicenser?

Hello Scab! Yes, I have a USB-eLicenser! What I want to do is use the download access code to transfer them to Steinberg Licensing, as it says in the FAQ. Even if they can only be used once… where are they? :stuck_out_tongue: (in my case at least). I can’t find them in my email, I can’t recover them somehow…

Have you already checked the Voucher section in your MySteinberg account? The codes to upgrade to the new licensing system are usually provided there.

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Oh my goodness, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Yes it is! Why isn’t this information listed in the FAQ?! I spent HOURS searching… Thank you again :smiley:

Sorry, I thought you were saying that your products were not showing up at all in your MySteinberg account. Anyway, I’m glad you figured it out :sunglasses: .